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Episode 1: Purves Versus

Episode 2: Mythbusting with Julie Ringuette

Episode 3: Mythbusting with Lauren McLaughlin

Episode 4: Mythbusting, Clinic Ownership and Teaching Continuing Education with Jessica Villeneuve

Episode 5: Oncology Massage and Continuing Education with Susan Shipton RMT

Episode 6: Modality Empires and Continuing Education with Michelle Smith

Episode 7: Being an Effective Massage Therapy Educator with Whitney Lowe

Episode 8: Finding Balance as a Clinician and Continuing Education Instructor with Walt Fri

Episode 9: Making a difference through continuing education

Episode 10: The Student RMT Experience with Tempo Sabatier

Episode 13: Engaging in Cultural Safety, Reconciliation, and Indigenous Identity with Susan Dupuis RMT

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