Learn the science and best practices in the treatment and management for those living with chronic pain.

In order to effectively assess, manage, and treatment plan for your patients living with chronic pain, it is essential that you follow best practices so you can continue to provide high value care to your patients. This will both increase the quality of your care and also provide valuable self-management options.

If you treat people who suffer with long-term pain, whether that is from an MVA, workplace accident, sport injury, surgery, or if they have a systemic condition like fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis or an inflammatory condition, this webinar will be vital for you because knowing current evidence-based information and best practices is what people deserve.

Who: RMTs, ATs, PTs, osteopathic practitioners

What: Best Practices: Chronic Pain Management

When: Monday Sept 23rd, 6pm

Where: Online via Zoom

Why: Your patients deserve the best available treatment

How long: Approx 2 hours

How much: $77

Recording available to all registered attendees

Course Description

Massage therapists agree that evidence-based practice (EBP) is the way forward for our profession. Providing evidence-based care leads to better patient outcomes, which, of course, is our ultimate goal. In this 90 minute webinar, attendees will be introduced to the fundamental knowledge on the current evidence and best practices in the treatment and management of clients who suffer with acute and chronic pain in the lower back and pelvic regions.

This webinar will introduce you to the best principles for assessment,  some hands demonstration and movement exploration for pain, dysfunction and common clinical presentations in the lower back and pelvic areas.

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This workshop provides an opportunity to learn how modifications of traditional massage therapy practices can increase success and improve outcomes for people in pain. The workshop aims to improve your confidence and increase your skillset when working with the challenges of persistent pain. We will discuss the science of pain and explore ways to incorporate effective therapeutic pain management approaches into your practice. The course will provide current person-centred best practices to help you support more meaningful outcomes for your clients.

Participants will learn the fundamentals of incorporating a biopsychosocial framework into daily practice behaviour.

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