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3 Benefits of Creating Your Own CE Course

  1. Provide better quality care for the public.
  2. Make a positive impact on the profession.
  3. Scaleable income

Do something for the public
It is through continuing educating that MT educators can best serve the public’s best interest.

The most important aspect of teaching evidence-based courses is to help deliver better quality care to the public. When you teach your course(s) you can influence long lasting changes in how MTs critically think, communicate and practice which will increase the quality of care the public receives.

The public has the right to be provided with science based relevant information before they can consent to treatment. This involves them giving informed consent based on current science, understandings and best practices. That is a fundamental ethical obligation for all healthcare professionals.

Do something for the profession
The best way I know how to make positive, meaningful, and impactful changes on the profession of massage therapy is to create, market and teach evidence-based continuing education courses.

Trying to influence the various stakeholders to adapt to current science and best practices is a time consuming process that is unlikely to result in widespread change because of their various competing agendas and lack of collaboration. I strongly feel that the best way to update our profession is to deliver high quality education to MTs through the continuing education/professional development/quality assurance requirements.

Do something for yourself
Scaleable income. We all know that the primary option to earn a living as an MT is through our billable hours. This can be a very rewarding career that pays well. However, what happens if you get injured, desire a change, or want to scale your income? Unfortunately, there are not a lot of options available. You can teach in a massage school for a fraction of your hourly rate, or you can own a clinic and take on the liability and challenges of a brick and mortar business.

With over 350,000 massage therapists in North America alone, the opportunities to share your knowledge through the vast continuing education network gives you the ability to earn more in a single weekend than you could working full-time for a month.

With the technology available nowadays through online or self-directed options, your market becomes global and the opportunities to scale your income is endless!

Because of all these reasons, in 2022 I launched the first intake for my Course Creator’s Mastermind group with the goal of creating a supportive community of knowledgeable, passionate and aspiring evidence-based MT educators.

Members meet 15x over Zoom between Sept and May. All meetings are presented live but they are recorded and uploaded to a private course page for you to watch or rewatch on your own time.

Everyone is mentored in a step by step Lego manual style approach to slowly build their content by learning the necessary skills, strategies and processes to create, market and teach their own course(s).

Members receive lifetime access to the community, webinars, and resources, peer to peer support and accountability, plus ongoing 1 on 1 support from me throughout your entire journey.

Do you have questions? Would you rather jump on a call with me?
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Susan Shipton
Eric’s Course Creator Mastermind gave me what I needed to finally realize an important goal and become a ConEd teacher:

a) Confidence. Eric’s belief that RMTs can be leaders in our own profession is empowering.

b) Tools. Sharing his vast experience in education, Eric helped me design my course and create content, decipher logistics around platforms and registration, and navigate marketing options to reach my target audience.

c) Structure. Eric’s program provided a schedule that kept me on track and accountable but the flexibility to adapt to my own life’s demands.

d) Community. Eric created a group of like-minded health professionals who provide mutual support and feedback.

After completing Eric’s Course Creator Mastermind, I’m thrilled to be launching my own ConEd course in Oncology Massage and teaching RMTs how we can help people with cancer.

Dani Faucher

Eric Purves’s Course Mastermind series gave me the kick I needed to get started on my ConEd path plus further impetus to keep the momentum going.  From one-on-one and small group coaching, to setting personal challenges, through to the development of a peer educator community network, we were fully supported throughout in our varied course creation goals.

Eric’s passion for elevating the quality of massage therapy through encouraging therapists themselves to become educators is inspiring and contagious!

I’m feeling much more confident in my new path as an educator, empowered by a broad range of resources to draw from, trusting that my peers have my back, and mindful of the value of a relevant, factual, well-delivered learning experience.

Forrest MacIvor

I participated in Eric’s 9 month Mastermind course. He was able to deliver all of the key concepts of how to build course content that I would have spent years learning the hard way through trial and error. It’s been really helpful to have someone support and mentor me in my process to become the educator I’ve been dreaming about.

Michelle Smith

Being part of the Mastermind Group was more than just another “how to” learning experience. It was an opportunity to learn from Eric without being sold a “cookie cutter” template on how to develop educational content. Eric is genuine in his approach to facilitating the group. He creates a comfortable group environment where everyone’s thoughts and opinions are valued. I would highly recommend this program to anyone considering creating evidence based educational content.

Tanya Simpson

Eric’s Mastermind course delivered everything necessary to create and promote an evidence based course, which trust me involves far more than I ever thought! He shares his years of trial and error so you don’t have to and provides specific support and guidance on wherever you are at in your course development.

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